the unsent project - a collection of unsent text messages.

24 hours - koresh a link to a documentary following the last 24 hours of david koresh,
the branch davidians, and the waco seige.

the complete guide to tarot - an informative pdf file explaining the art of tarot.

are you tired? - a place to vent to a stranger. go on, let it out.

heaven's gate - infamous cult from 1997's official website, that still happens to be up today.

space educator's handbook - a nifty little vintage collection of all things space.

space jam! - space jam's official website.

american tragedy - link to 2019 documentary, american tragedy,
following sue klebold and the murder suicide of her son, dylan,
emphasizing the many ways the system ultimately failed him and countless others.

bomomo - a place to let out some repressed creativity, or just a cure to your boredom.

a soft murmur - customizable white noise. super helpful for busy minds spending long periods of time coding :-)

gifcities - my absoloute favourite place for old web gifs!

fatal to the flesh. - cut something up. good alternative to sh.