i look at the cross
then i look away,
give you the gun...
blow me away.
change (in the house of flies), deftones.

the sad, sad, sad.
all the sad faces drown...
in this town.
where are we going?
they all want you to change..
sweet sweet, the smashing pumpkins.

take me with you...
without you everything falls apart,
without you... it's not as much fun to pick up the pieces.
the perfect drug, nine inch nails.

if i only could,
i'd make a deal with God,
and get him to swap our places...
i'd be running up that road..
be running up that hill..
be running up to that building.
running up that hill, placebo.

is it any wonder i can't sleep?
all i have is all you gave to me
is it any wonder i found peace
through you?
eye, the smashing pumpkins.

robbed of your fortune,
you get disappointments in life
you're probably poisoning your body,
i hope you're alright...
in a moment of fear,
you dig in your heels,
the pills won't help you now...
once you're crying..
the pills won't help you now, the chemical brothers

spaceboy, i've missed you
spinning 'round my head..
i want to go home...
i want to go home...
spaceboy, they'll kill me,
before i'm dead and gone.
spaceboy, the smashing pumpkins.

meet me there,
in the blue...
where words are not,
feeling remains.
i dream to heal your wounds...
but i bleed myself.
in circles, sunny day real estate.

i sensed my loss
before i even learned to talk...
and i remember my birthdays,
empty party afternoons won't come back.
i knew my loss
before i even learned to speak...
and all along, i knew it was wrong.
but i played along with my birthday song.
to forgive, the smashing pumpkins.